About Me

I’m from South India…

I am one who feels at home when I am abroad. I am a full-time traveler and blogger. Travelling has bought me a novel definition of life. This resulted in a sudden turn of events in my well-planned life, and one fine morning I just started living epic and happy life. No regrets for the undiscovered past life. Hence I travel.

Through my travel blog, I intend to share my insights and raw experiences with you. If you are a person who is done with life, well this blog might be a blessing in disguise. I believe experiencing and experimenting with multifarious culture, food cuisines, and religions.

This blog is my documented confessions of the realities of my adventure life. Through this blog, I wish to take you to places I have been to and inspire you to travel a lot. I also have the pleasure of sharing some custom made Travel Tips, the budget details for a full-fledged Adventure and so on.

Travelling has exposed the mechanical me. Today I am determined to be the ‘genuine’ me. I’m glad you’re reading this blog and truly hope to help you travel better, choose experiences over possessions, and live an epic life.

So, pick your backpack and be on the ready. If confused and terrified, shoot me with your queries. I promise to reach you at the earliest.